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FAQ & Policies:


Clients are able to get a full refund if they give minimum 48 hours notice of canceling their order. Any notice past 24 hours, the clients forfeit their deposit/order total.


If for any reason there is something wrong with your order, depending on the circumstance, we will issue a full refund.

Refunds and Returns:

Pick Up and Shipping:

We do not offer shipping for any of our pastries. Although shipping is an "option" please don't choose it- you will be immediately refunded the shipping balance.

Pick up windows are set and determined in advance. If you are unable to pick up with in the given time frame and do not communicate this, Black Magic Bakehouse is not liable for your order. 

Any orders which aren't picked up with in the given time frame will be placed out front for porch pick up unless otherwise specified. 

Any orders which aren't picked up end of day are thrown out. 

(shown above) Earl Grey, Praline & creme, Matcha Latte, Vanilla Lavender, Chocolate Hazelnut


(shown above) Vanilla Lavender


Our baking studio is not kosher, gluten free, or nut free. Though we are mindful when orders are placed, we are not liable for cross contamination 

We do not offer vegan or gluten free options


We cannot stress enough the importance of eating our pastries fresh the same day. We do not recommend saving doughnuts or other pastries made with pastry cream to be eaten past the day they were purchased. Pastry cream contains dairy and eggs. If kept out for longer then 6 hours, it has the potential of causing food born illness.

also fried brioche does not hold up well over night. Nothing would break my heart more than people eating stale doughnuts :(

please don't do it !!

we do not ship any of our pastries!!

 I know there is a shipping option available, unfortunately this website platform doesn't allow me to turn off the shipping option for individual items. Please note, if you select shipping- you will be automatically refunded the shipping amount and your order will be at the pick up location 

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds to anyone who placed and order and missed the pick up window. 

If you placed an order, and are no longer able to pick up, we are typically able to issue a refund before Thursday. 

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