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What on earth is going on at Black Magic Bakehouse

Open; Thursday- Sunday 8am-sell out

Why aren't you open 7 days

Well for starters, I am one person. I am working on getting a team put together to open at least 5 days, but for now we stay Thursday-sunday

What is your menu

Everyday there's usually something knew depending on the ingredients I buy for the week. Keep it fun and fresh. 

There will always be doughnuts, cinnies, scones, focaccia, bread, quiche, and cookies for now

Do you have GF options


Be Kind, be patient

Before arriving to our bakehouse please be mindful we are a very small staff learning a new space, new system, and new equipment. We don't always have our shit together, and we won't always have the pastries you came for, but we are always friendly and helpful. We are in our soft opening phase until we are comfortable with the quality of pastry we are making. So there are lots of trials and errors.  I ask not to judge to harshly- I am my own worst critic so chances are I already know what could be better. I will announce our grand opening as soon as we think we are ready!

If you donated via kickstarter, rewards will be active and ready to be used after the grand opening

Love youz to death

xx Deanne 

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