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Seasonal Pastry Flavors

This menu is always changing depending on what's in season. If there's a flavor you're looking for and don't see, feel free to drop it in the order request form and we will try to accommodate the best we can!

Doughnut Flavors

Some flavors are not available to be split, due to batch sizing. 

Creme Brulee

Vanilla pastry cream, torched sugar top (6 minimum)

Lemon Cream

Lemon scented pastry cream (6 minimum)

Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate pastry cream with praline folded in (6 minimum)

Key Lime Pie

Key lime curd, topped with whipped cream. (12 minimum)

London Fog

Earl grey tea steeped pastry cream (12 minimum)

Vanilla Lavender

Lavender steeped milk, vanilla pastry cream (12 minimum)

Banana Fosters

Torched banana, caramel, rum, topped with a bruleed banana (12 minimum)


Sweet Ricotta, orange, chocolate (12 minimum)

Miso Caramel

Umami, sweet, salty, nutty (12 minimum)

Bagles, Bialy, Focaccia

Bagels can be topped with any of the traditional toppings that you're able to get at a bagel shop. 

Bialy are filled with seasonal veggies, can be vegan

Focaccia is topped with red pepper flakes and fleur de sel (if you'd like specific toppings request in the the order form)

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